More or Less

Human compassion is at an all time high at the moment. While I am happy to see people focusing on positive change, being better, and continuing a legacy of greatness; I wonder how much of that is transcending into kindness, care, and love for ourselves? We were created imperfect and lacking so that we may find and build connects to create a sense of wholeness in our community. We were not created to be all-in-one beings. One cannot be everything in all ways and serve as the source for self. We spend our whole lives trying to possess people and that includes ourselves. We cannot control the outcome of what and who we experience. There are so many times we have been shown who we really are rather than the person we would like to be. There are sets of circumstances that unveil the many facets of who you are. Nothing about us can be without flaw, we did not create ourselves so we cannot see the image in which we were designed. Instead, we have to learn to rely and to use all our other senses to gain understandings of the image we were created in. Its all about taking the time to connect to the world around you because the message is everywhere in everything. We were created with compassion, designed divinely, with a label of love. The closest we get to comprehending the creation of life is conception within the womb. The miracle of two complimentary halves creating a whole being is an awesome responsibility that will be filled with many failures and regrets. Yet another reminder that we lack the ability to fully comprehend and transcend human limitations to be the source for not only ourselves but the example to guide the innocent.

Times are ever changing, what once was is no longer and what will be will not last forever. So, history is a reflection of progression of the humanity that we attempt to suppress. The same event stuck on repeat because we rarely ever learn lessons or acquire knowledge for the sake of wisdom and being aware. Rather it is easier to deny the shortcomings within yourself and try to force the same habits and behaviors to create better experiences. The misconception of self-care states that the process of “loving” yourself is without pain. However, you will soon realize that getting to know, accept, and finally love yourself requires a community of connection that can walk with you while you go through depths of the unknowns: unbearable, undesirable, unlovable…

Today, if not any other day or any other time, extend some compassion and kindness to yourself for the you that has survived every trauma. For every hurtful situation that has altered the better version of you into a bitter version. Know that “normal” is the secret self no one shows. It is perfectly within your blessing as a living being to make mistakes. For some, it flows through our blood from our ancestors that had to refashion a destiny of death for life…that is our magic. For others, its being humbled enough to know that no matter how alone and abandoned not matter how high and accomplished the same echos haunt us.

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