Walking the Footsteps of a Stranger

When I look back over my 24 years of life, I realize I have been more blessed and fortunate than I have given my life credit. Being at the precipice of losing all that I believed would be my blessings, climbing out the pit of self-pity, I understand now. I have lived my life with fear being my closes most protected companion. Given the opportunity to travel outside of my home country was one of the best things that has happened to me. I never saw a life outside of the U.S. as a possibility for someone who looked like me. I thought I would spend my life working hard and saving pennies to treat myself to one trip….some day. I saw one example of a life for myself and accepted it without a question asked. I found solace in the redundancy of retreating to my dreams for my picture perfect happiness, after all happiness is only a dream…right? So, here I am in the turning tides of the cycle I never wanted to continue.


I have decided to believe in every word I have ever spoken and written in fantasy and in truth. I will walk the footsteps of the stranger love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness…all the beautiful fruits of the Spirit of life. Walking the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things you never knew you never knew, but Disney taught us that already. I am so far from everyone and everything familiar, I am able to live in a way that I experience my authentic life, free from the influence and traps of toxicity. I am not referencing a life of luxury material possessions; rather I am talking about the raw unedited struggles of pealing back the layers of my flesh, flesh that is contaminated with the blood of deceit, abuse, and abandonment of those before me. I want to unveil my soul that I may connect on a purer level. Connections should be to the soul instead of the flesh of another. Relationships of any kind cannot flourish and grow something beautiful out of the emptiness of self-serving and destructive patterns of behavior that we have not seriously made the commitment and required actions to stop repeating.


Moving forward is not as easy as having the will to do so. I do not believe anyone innately desires to live in poverty or misery. I do not believe anyone innately wants the worse when there is an option for the best. It is the lack of knowledge and the representation of ourselves in relationships and situations where we are protected from, provided for, able to perform, and pleased. Take back the narrative of your life; it is not about rewriting what has already been written, it is about finally starting to write your own stories. You have all you need to live the reality of dreams…you. This time we are taking the better versions of ourselves to live better lives. It’s everyday, one day at a time, to build a lasting legacy that we can pass to the next generation.


There is no better day than today, no better time than now to take the walk.


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