Like a Version

In this new age fueled by modern technology it can seem that you have all the facts at your disposal. However, the “truths” derived from meshing together stories and histories from said facts are often misleading. The truth requires insight and discernment of the presented facts. Often hurt and pain, the essential players in the blame game of life, are the basis of perception and interpretation. Understanding that without such pitfalls, we would never extend understanding, compassion, empathy, sympathy…the better parts of our nature. Rather than consuming ourselves with past hurts and actively making ourselves the victim, we could unveil the truth that is being presented in our lives. Seeing the areas where there was a lack of control over your choices, accepting that you willingly participated in the various scenarios stuck on repeat, and that you can always at any time choose and do better.

Ask yourself, has the way you have let certain situations define you served you any good so far… when you realize the answer is no…why keep repeating the same behaviors? The choices we have made can all work together for our good. We have the experiences that serve as lessons learned of our worth, that which we do and don’t want to be, the personalities and baggage we have taken on to be ourselves, and where we want to go from where we currently are. There is no need to waste time thinking of how things could have been, it has already happened.

When moving into the future, remind yourself to enjoy the moments you are gifted. The pressure of forever is so limiting, it confines us only to the now. There is so much more growth and levels to reach. There is so much that each season brings and takes away. There is always a new upgrade to the version of life you are in. While it may take time to download, update, and process you can see the changes, given time they will become improvements. I can say from my journey of losses and gains, the span of time I’ve been in any given situation passes quickly. I have accepted the beauty, adventure, and gift of being alive. Each version of who I am, who I was, and who I will be was all designed and destined. I know that the end of each season brings the beginning of another. It is when we stay too long refusing to move to the next phase that we miss the lessons and welcome hurt, frustration, and confusion.
The version of yourself that has passed deserves the respect of acceptance but the version of yourself that exists in this moment deserves for you to let the past go and to be loved and appreciated just as you are now. The version of you that is coming deserves to be nurtured and protected so that you can be upgraded to it.

Just think, if you were to be given everything right now: the healing, the love, the finances, the material, the manifestation of your dreams…are you the correct version to receive it?

I will leave you with my focus for the week: Self Acceptance, Wholeness, and Honesty

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