In The Ravens Eye

Expectancy, defined as the feeling or hope that something exciting, interesting, or good is about to happen. How long can we live motivated by expectancy? It is easy to underestimate the perseverance required for patience. The advertisement of adversity is often understated; the pressure placed on the most intimate areas of life will either produce diamond gems able to weather the storms of the years or stones that will be weathered away and forgotten. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” once you realize it is only you who gets to decide whether you hold the stone or the diamond. One would think it would be easy to separate the stones from the diamonds…instead it is like recognizing the blessings of abundance in the mist of lack, the fullness of being whole while broken.

Being in the eye of the storm offers a unique perspective, there is no other calm comparable. When it seems Murphy’s Law is in full effect, there is the time to become re-centered. While the chaos is happening, it is easy to see where the pieces fit into the puzzle. Although attachments are being uprooted, you will find that you can live without. The weight was keeping you satisfied in your stationary state since it was harder to move forward than it was to stay. While it may feel like your breaking being pushed to the bottom, you’re merely bending…being molded into a new form of being that better suits the new experiences that you have been dreaming, manifesting, expecting.

So here I find myself, in the season of expectancy, the feeling or hope that something exciting, interesting, or good is about to happen. Not because life is going so well or because I am where I thought I would be. Not because I have seen anything to tell me so. It is simply because I remind myself daily: I’ve come too far in my life’s journey to stop here; I’ve given and grown in love too much to sit in hate; God has been too good to me and come through too many times to not have the faith that it will be done again. Every dead end was the beginning of a new journey, never allow yourself to become blinded to the truth. If you become the type of person that allows situations to override what has been proven…you will continuously chase whatever the new thing is. It’s about time to live out life in your truth. It’s about time to start getting comfortable with all things you. If you don’t know what that is, it’s never too late to start the process of discovery. Make the commitment to yourself today to start living free and true. Give yourself the time to heal and permission to live a new life.

The duality of expecting anything is that it happens when you least expect it. It just sort of sneaks up on you, taking you by surprise, making you look back on all you’ve been through and realizing each step brought you to where you are. Who will I be when that moment comes, where will I be in life, and how it will all come together…I leave all that to the mystery of life. There does not always have to be a concrete answer or assurance to take the leap of faith required…you may even be surprised that what was expected has been yours all along.

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