What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Dear Love,

My soul craves you, I can often feel you lingering in the atmosphere, I don’t have to ever meet you again, I may never get to know you again, but you were created as part of me since the beginning. In some form I have always had you. In my darkest of hours I have clung to you to spare me some life, just enough to keep going. I want to save your sweet nectars to cover my rotting flesh and cleanse me from the demons that try to consume me whole. I may cast you aside often in the guise that I am fine without you but you know that because of you my heart beats. I need you.
I will keep you close to me as my sole companion. With you, I have the power to create new forms of you and transfer your kindness to others just like me. You have given me such strength and confidence I can’t imagine how fragile I would be without you. When you picked me up and held me so close I finally knew comfort and peace. When you told me that you were always there watching and protecting me, I knew I could trust in you.
My new home is not the same without your company. In this new place, where I feel so alone, I can’t seem to find where I last left you. I miss you. If this letter reaches you before its too late and you’re not too busy, let’s hang out like we used to. You can come over and stay the night, we can share in laughs and a warm meal. Bring with you good company that will stay with me too. I know love is patient love is kind love does not envy love does not boast love is not proud love does not dishonor others love is not self-seeking love is not easily angered love keeps no records of wrongs and I need someone just like you to stay with me always. This time I won’t be the one to leave, this time I won’t be scared to let you heal me. Oh love, won’t you be mine again?
As I continue to search for my place in this world, it will always be you who I have been searching for. I’m older now and not quite the same as before, but I know the bond we have is forever. I can, and I will have you once more, this time it will be better than before. I promise. This time I know to wait for you, because in patience you grow. This time I know there is no substitute equivalent. Oh love of mine, please come to me again in this lifetime. Before you come to me again, let The Spirit leave the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Let me outgrow the pains of discipline and savor the taste. Until then, I’ll live in the visions of our new life. Keep in touch, don’t let too much time pass before we contact again.

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