Walking Without Sight

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of reality and your dreams? I have always had big dreams and expected those dreams, that I turned to goals, to become a reality. Now that I am living parts of my dream, I know the next steps are not too far away. The feelings I have often overwhelm me, I never thought I would experience this kind of joy and gratitude for life. All my hopes are now being realized and it feels so good have the hard work and faith show its worth. But it was not too long ago I was experiencing sorrows and heartbreak, so much so those moments left me filled with doubt and uncertainty. I was allowing myself to mentally re-write my dreams, and that could have easily changed the course of my life. More so, it could have robbed me of some of the best gifts of life…Even now as I write this blog reflecting and processing my emotional rollercoasters, I know that I am more prepared to climb out of the lows and humbled enough to enjoy the view while at the highs.
It is in the hard times we must recall that it is the journey that justifies the destination. How else could we be prepared for anything except we experience? Life is the best teacher because it is human nature to only be able to understand from your perspective. We must be humbled to a level where our perspectives can reach outside ourselves. It doesn’t take much to remind us of the nature of our beings, whether it be good or bad. Remember that both live within and one does not subtract or add to the other. Rather these halves are to remain in balance like left and right, life and death.
Often, I find myself caught in a crossroads that I have overworked myself into creating out of nothing. I want only the good forsaking the need for bad, I want to go only right without ever thinking about left, I want to live without ever having to face death. I choose to throw off the balance, by avoiding what isn’t so pleasant I choose to not learn the lesson… I choose to stop my growth. Then, I find myself in a cycle of living my life for the moment and not living for purpose. I have to stop and remind myself, for everything that went wrong, for every no, for every tear shed, just around the corner there was my opposite: everything falling into place, a bigger better yes, stomach aching laughs and good times. I easily forget how far God has brought me, and more importantly that God has yet to leave me and never will. The best fruit is not forbidden just disguised as difficult times, hard work, sacrifice, the impossible.
The journey is not easy, finding the strength to carry on another day is not always easy, but we must find it to continue to walk even though we cannot always see where we are being lead. We must have faith in the unseen. Transcend the senses to discover what it’s like on the other side.

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