Water Falls…Wells Break

There is a discipline required to enjoy life, providing an order and protection. There is only one truth that encompasses all, but there is not one path for everyone through the journey of life. It takes alone time, stillness, and self-recollections to gain clarity and vision for your life. For so long, maybe too long for some, we have been programmed to just go with the flow not realizing that we can command the direction of the flow. We don’t think we have the power to demand the promises of life granted to ALL. Instead, every media outlet pacifies you with depictions of what you should want summed as hashtag goals. Disconnect for as long as it takes to root so deeply in YOUR desires. Discover the love your soul is truly craving, discover the passion that will afford your lifestyle, discover the diet that nourishes your body, discover the path that is uniquely you. Let go of the weights that make the journey too difficult, contrary what you may think, the weight won’t make you stronger rather it will hinder and unnecessarily slow you down.

Oftentimes, the weights come in the form of a person or other addictions. I have had my fair share of disappointments and let downs. I have had the one great love that left me empty and heartbroken. I have put my everything: health, wealth, happiness, security, into a person. The failing relationship was not enough to shake me to my core, apart of me believed that things would get better, that if I loved hard enough and stayed true enough, somehow I would get what I deserved. Somehow, I could love out what hurt me the most. In the end I never felt I or my love would ever be enough, the course of my life would not turn around and the pain would not become a distant memory of the past. I had to learn that failures were apart of life and not to take them too personal. A bit of Karma mixed with the programmed life lessons were pushing me to my greatest understanding.

It took me some time to realize that I could physically write out the course of my life. I was given permission from the beginning to have my hearts desires. Now, having taken the time to understand myself and what I want to consider my life full, everything that I wrote down and was asking for is coming to pass. No, it didn’t happen immediately but in its proper time. My harvest is so full of sweet good fruit I feel I must share the seeds. I finally have peace and can rest knowing that all is and will be well, not because it always looks or feels that way but because I have decided to firmly plant my life, and everything aspect of it, in God. I understand that there are those that may call God as different names (the universe, inner voice, supernatural, etc.) and may still not agree with the connectedness of it all. Whatever the path, the name, the religion, the place… once an understanding resonates, settle there and allow it to guide you in your truth.

Life is not as mystical or complicated as I used to make it. Yes, bad things happen and we go through difficult times, but it doesn’t take away the gift of today and the bright rewarding future. Holding on to the worries and negativity shouldn’t be the driving force for protection any longer. No I don’t have the perfect relationship or love, no I don’t have all the riches in the world, no my family is not harmonious…but I learned that those do not make me who I am. Situations cannot take me any further than my attitude, because I should know that through ANYthing I will be okay and it will work out for my good. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but know in the now with 20/20 certainty that everything is working in divine order: the relationship, the friendship, the career, the family, the grief, the loss, the gains….trust that the overflow is purposeful preparation.

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