Man Made

There is such a push in society to do things the “right” way. However, there has been little questioning regarding this seemingly simple ideology. Upon further reflection, selfish self-centered thinking is uncovered. The man-made way of life seems to be comprised of everything anyone could ever want. Yet we forget that man, so full of mistakes and misfortune, is flawed. Even so, man has become so full of self. More is better and the faster the better has become apart of who we are. In the end, we are exhausted and drained of life. There is still an emptiness and hunger on the inside of us, pulling us closer to the pace of life we are supposed to be living.

Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter way of doing anything. Everything is unique to each one of us and in that there is so much to celebrate. For some reason, we would rather live life in a competition. Thinking that somehow the goodness in someone else’s life is the absence of good in our lives.  Forgetting that we were all created equal NOT the same. Take the time to see the beauty in the path for each of us, and knowing my path was not paved over yours. So, there is room for us both on this journey…at our own pace.

Understand that the actual journey is also designed specifically for you. So, don’t think that just because we go through life at a different pace that we are supposed to do the same things at different times. Focus on finding yourself, freeing your mind of what you have been made to believe, freeing yourself what you have been made to do. We have been so far removed from ourselves we can no longer identify with what aligns with us. What we feel is not true as feelings are based on a contoured reality, our emotions are misguiding, our minds are corrupted. And so, we let comparison set the standard. We fall victim to not living our own life. Our accomplishments are based on how fast milestones are reached, how much money is made, how much better we are than our neighbor. 

There are those who would disagree that there is a need for a higher being, something outside of ourselves. But I suggest because we are not birthed from ourselves there is an innate desire for connection. We hope that people and things can be enough. We hope that by being busy and the constant motion complied with exhaustion, means we are progressing. Invite stillness into your life. There, I believe you will find yourself and the true meaning of your life. Consequently, you will attract appropriate connections, whether it be for this season or a lifetime.   

Stay tuned for updates as I too walk away from man-made living to divine, purposeful, intentional living. I am fulfilled and enjoy my life more so now because it is not about holding up the standards and withstanding the pressures of my grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, and career.

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