Pieces 2 Peace

Being broken is not usually thought of as a stepping stone to becoming whole. That was until I intentionally broke myself down piece by piece until I restored peace to my life. Although my journey is not over, I can finally start to see the progress. It has been worth the hiatus from writing and music, where I could easily escape facing my real issues. Having the discipline to stay committed was a gradual process. I wasn’t in a rush to make some magical transformation, I wanted a life change.

Interested in the process? Start by addressing where you are in life now, then identify where you want to be. Shift your focus to how you want to feel, how you want to see yourself, how you want your life to be. Really take the time to grasp what it is you want to change in your life and in you. Why are you having certain feelings, or feel a pull to certain situations/people/places?

Each day, pick a piece of yourself and take the time to understand it. Allow yourself to feel whatever feelings are associated. Do this until you gain clarity on that piece. For instance, you will know whether to keep it, mend it, or discard it. You have every right to the fullness of life. You have the power to experience the best of life, if only you decide to.

“Playing it safe” will keep you in a box you were never meant to live in. “This is just the way it is” isn’t how your life was purposed to be. “This is the way I am” doesn’t have to define you anymore. No, this won’t be something that will be a comfortable and easy process. Challenging is a lighthearted way to put it. Refrain from people and activities that subtract from your focus. There tends to be so much noise and confusion. Focus on your inner voice, God speaking to you. Do so with purpose, listening and applying, until that voice overpowers the noise and clears the confusion. Until that voice becomes distinct and recognizable in your life.

This doesn’t mean that you will start becoming a pious person. In fact, quite the opposite is true. This isn’t about putting yourself on a pedestal. This isn’t about becoming better than anyone else. It’s about unwrapping yourself. It’s about no longer living a life filled with potential. It’s about activating and using what you are equipped with.  You are carrying many seeds, some for you some for others. Taking the seeds planted within you since the time of your conception, will require time. In the form of investing in you. This could mean taking the time to develop your gifts. This could mean taking the time to heal physically, mentally, emotionally. Because so often we live life according to what we think, how we feel, or what we and others have been through. I know for me, this hasn’t always led to making the best decisions for myself. So instead, I focus on building my spirit. The fruit of the spirit that lives in you is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Things I want to have become my nature and manifest in my life.

Whatever areas in your life that need a change will require a natural effort from you and the supernatural (whatever the means to you, God, the universe, ancestors etc) will fill the gap. Nothing about this is a 2018 journey. Nothing about this is an easy quick fix to a problem. What this is about, is urging you to take your pieces to build your body and life of peace.


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