Shoot Your Shot

We have been living off the benefits of our ancestors for far too long. The roots are starting to run dry. There has been nothing to water the soil as a source for the roots. I know many have heard that it all starts with a mind change. No one ever talks about the struggle, making it seem as though the mind change changes everything. If only it were really that simple. We have started the mind change. But the change of the mind takes time before it takes root in your roots.

The heart is your root. Too often the mind and the heart are disconnected. One of the greatest internal conflicts. It can be as simple as not wanting to wake up but knowing that you must for responsibility sake. To as complex as knowing that moving forward requires letting go of the promising future and taking a few steps back to the past, where you left your promises for the future.

Our ancestors did the hard part, the part we can’t seem to come back to. They laid the foundation for a better life for us all. And what have we done with it? What do we have to show for the prayers and sacrifice except being alive? We have waisted opportunities laying at our feet. We are more concerned with how things will benefit self, when our ancestors fought for our rights with the idea that one day we would exist, and we would have needs.

It’s the sacrifice and sticking through the process until the end parts that are the most difficult. I know every day is not easy to maintain. Moods, emotions, and situations change making you question yourself. But remember, once the seed is planted it must be nurtured and then the sprout appears. The life of the sprout relies heavily on the roots. Don’t sleep on the preparation phase. The days of instant gratification have made us so ungrateful. Have made us mistake the bad for good. Have made us settle because we have no time to wait.

I say us because it is a collective issue. Thinking we have come so far because of our own merit when there is an unseen work in our lives. Providing all good things regardless if we deserve them. That’s the nature of the Spirit, providing life and uplifting us all. It is not dependent on us but what came before us. So what foundation have laid? What have we given back to the Spirit, or have we only used it for our benefits?   

Can you hear the unborn crying out for their needs? Can’t you see they too will be lost? Does their pain not affect you? We are no longer children. We must face the past, learn the lessons, retain our growth, to move forward in who we were created to be. There is an urgency for you. A space that only you can fill. The present and future need you to be who you really are. Today is a new day, the day you can decide to step into your divinity.

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