A Friend in Need

Realizing that you need you more than anyone else is not the same as hopping on this new age train of allowing hurt to make you forsake love, friendship, and relationships overall. Sometimes realizing you need you more than anyone else is because you can no longer recognize who or what you are. You wake up in a daze of confusion where the days start to blur together. Where the background noise and responsibility drown out your inner self screaming for your attention.

See there are so many situations that will turn your heart cold to love and any kind of relationship. If you’re one of the lucky few who don’t get hardened, or who get escape the harsh realities of human nature, you’ll learn how to navigate in this world missing pieces of yourself. What I mean is, there is no amount of being picky that will help you pick the right type of people. We don’t choose our families yet somehow everyone is placed and taken out of our lives for a reason. Just as those mistakes, situationships, heartbreaks happened so that a mirror may be held to our lives. We can only see ourselves through reflections, so what is your life and decisions reflecting about your mind?

How many times have you found yourself reading, watching tv, seeing a movie and wishing that was your life? How many times has a new year started and your filled with such high hopes that fade with each rising sun? In the end your back to being reduced to think that perfect situations only exist in fiction and our imagination. There is NO way I can have everything I want, I must have to sacrifice something right? You’ll just have to simply settle for your top choices and live comfortably with that. Even if you don’t get those you should learn to be grateful, I mean only the small things count, right?

While there are small reminders daily to help us remember the good in life, there are equally important reminders of when you need to take time alone to recharge. You are no good to yourself or others without being replenished. I’ve learned to take the time and slow down. I wake up and dedicated the first of my day to enhancing my spiritual and mental state. I make a cup of coffee read and write to myself and God. Some days, I’ll take a walk to my destination, feeling the breeze, soaking up the sun, and really seeing the trees. I may decide to treat myself by cooking up a delicious meal. Sometimes, I write this blog to preserve a passion.

I see so much sadness and emptiness in people. Getting to know so many people, having so many experiences, getting to live years of their life never knowing, experiencing the most important person: SELF. Never forget that you are the cake of your life and everything else is the icing. So, let the cake be your favorite and let the icing enhance the taste. I know this is the start of a new beginning for many of us and we have so many places we will see, things we will do, and so many feelings we will have in the greatness to come.

Here is to never forgetting or replacing the relationship with ourselves.


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