Holiday Series

Finding ways to give back to those who have made the trials of life so much easier is important. Whether that time comes at the end of the year or sooner, it can be a hassle knowing they deserve so much more than your budget allows. Avoiding the “going for broke” cycle is easier than I thought.

The key for the holidays is to pay attention. If you listen or keep an eye out, you can pick up on small affordable items people need/want. The goal is to keep track of these items and pick them up to add as stocking stuffers. A series of these meaningful trinkets won’t break the bank and still make you look thoughtful. These stocking stuffers work well as last minute gifts that can add some extra.

Each stocking costs me no more than $30-40 total (gifts included). I buy the stockings and glitter pens from the dollar store. I personalize each stocking to reflect the taste of the receiver. If you’re not a crafty person, then you can also purchase templated designs or spend a little more on pre-designed stockings.

If your loved ones are anything like me, they don’t want or need much for Christmas. I’m a sentimental person to say the least, I prefer gifts that represent the giver. Especially things I can hold onto and cherish forever. The good news is its not hard or expensive to please these types of people. In fact, you can give these gifts throughout the holiday season. Taking some time off and helping out with errands, cleaning, and/or anything to make life a litter easier and less stressful. Don’t be afraid to create new traditions that are rooted in bringing family together and creating memories of happiness (that is what the holiday is about right?). Putting together a photo album of the past year with captions, making a family recipe book to pass down, and time capsule letters are just some of things I have done to make for a good time during gift unwrapping.

Buying gifts for all your family and friends this holiday season can start to add up. Trying to avoid the extra cost is something I’m going to make a reality this Christmas. I have found a few ways to escape the ever-growing costs of presents by giving with a purpose and everything is unique to the individual. Take the time to think about what you can give/do that will make a difference in their life. Materialistic people = material items. Pay for experiences that are priceless. Make the choice and commitment this holiday to start and expand on something that means so much more…if only for this time.




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