Surrogate Seeds

Too often the images of our future are spotted with stains of pressures, values, and goals that are blurring our pictured future. Often, events can seem to be causing confusion and messing up the path to our picture-perfect world. As the “mess” begins to fade away, we find that it was the disillusionment of the previous pressures, values. What seemed as messiness in your life was there for the purpose of cleaning up and providing clarity for what was hidden underneath. All along there was a purpose and passion reflected in your life. Whether you take the time to listen and find yourself in your journey of life depends on you taking the time for self-care.

Find purpose in every stage of your walk of life. This way you can gather the seeds from the fruits along the way to your purpose. Seeds that will grow into new life and knowledge. Once I took the time to question even the smallest things about myself and beliefs, I found the majority of what I wanted and how I saw myself were the reflections of my family and society. I had very little input on my own thoughts. It took so long to find what I liked and what I wanted. It seemed there would always be nothing to answer my questions of myself.

I had moments where I thought I found my passion. Whether it was debating on a topic or just speaking of the issues of society, there was a fire building inside me. Now, I have never been one to just aimlessly follow along. I’ve always had to find some truth to abide by the rules. As I was slowly challenging every belief I had, I was making my own rules and truths. I began to realize the importance of the knowledge of self as greater than knowledge of the world. I’ve heard: “…your cup runneth over…” but it wasn’t brought to my conscious mind until recently that what comes out of the cup is meant for everyone else. It is what is inside the cup that is meant for you. What’s in my cup? Am I giving away myself in hopes that its for you? What is left for me and my nourishment? That was the key. There was not an overflow in my life. I am filling my cup, fixing the cracks, and preparing for the overflow.

I say all this as a message that, you may stumble upon your purpose and passion when you discover your true self. You may not get to the final point in the way you had once imagined. While you are on this journey of life, ensure that you are paving the path to your purpose. Be renewed in knowing that it’s okay to make the choices that hurt you. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to be healing. Rest assured that your nurtured seeds will grow into a bounty.  

Moving forward is not always easy when its out of your comforts. Finding ourselves outside of pain. Living our life outside the walls of protection we have built. We are living beings. Our existence is a multifaceted experience. Embrace it all.


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