Impossible Possibility

Imagine your perfect world. Can could you see it, feel it, reproduce it? What would it take for you to have it today, tomorrow, in a year?

Now imagine someone cannot do this because their mind has been silenced. There is no thought outside what they have been programmed to think. This is the reality for many, succumbed to complacency and robbed of their promises. These promises are largely unknown because we have been made to believe that everyone can make it, so long as you try hard. We act accordingly by trying to find the escape. Trying to “get money”. Hoping that the propaganda will propagate happiness in our lives.

Instead we are left with the emptiness of a false reality. Leaving our souls searching for our lost identity. An identity stolen from our ancestors long ago. Diluted throughout history. Now it is unrecognizable to those who find it. We have assimilated the stereotypes to become our truths. The labels as the estimation of our worth. Our hair as the degree of the depth of our African roots. Our complexion as the consequence of superiority.

How sad to think that the fallacy runs so deep that this is speaking about only the black sleep. That somehow, WE are different, dare I say, better than THEM. We lack the savagery and ignorance THEY show. Our homes are NOT the same as their ghettos. WE are like THOSE. Those who have been painted to be better. Those that once oppressed. Those that set you free. Those that still hold the key to the bondage of We.  Rather this is a proposition of thought to make what is presented as impossible, a possibility. The possibility that we are all one. We are all birthed from the same blood. Making up unique parts of a whole. What lives in THEM lives in YOU.

The destruction of our nature and truth has made man the impossible possibility. To my people, all people, what you see is not what get. You decide whether to take what is given as is or to make something more. A superficial nature no longer will serve as substance. Our narrow views have made us lose sight of the number of our errors. Gradually becoming immune to the systematic destruction.  

Take the challenge: allow your mind to speak to you. Unveil your thoughts. Be guided by a sound mind and purified heart. Revisit your perfect world and find that you already are living in it.


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