Tis The Season

I know there are so many mixed emotions about the holidays. Whether the meaning and history should be celebrated. I find myself caught in the same web wondering if I should support these holidays. The truth is, this is my favorite time of year. No, it is not about capitalizing on material gains. In fact, it’s all about the way this time of year makes me feel. It’s about when I’m snuggling up in a warm cozy space, amidst the unforgiving bite of the winter cold. It’s about the flavors and spices of the season. It’s about being inspired to contribute to something outside of self, if just for this one time. It’s the joy that comes from giving and seeing happiness in all forms being spread. Better yet, this time of year brings my family (and the memory of those pasted) together. Because of these, I cannot pretend that the reason for the season is anything else.

Be whisked away in the spirit of the holidays. Take the time each day to think of others. Actually put the important things in your life first. Dedicate each day to a family member, friend, or that special someone. The holidays don’t have to be about the glitz and glamour. To know and understand the history of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc., is to know these have roots as sacred, religious, and cultural holiday’s as well as a worldwide commercial phenomenon’s. These times are observed with both spiritual and secular approaches. Regardless of your take, the celebration of positivity is not in poor taste.

 Don’t let a little insight, make you rob yourself of culture. For blacks, this is a culture we have appropriated to our own. The roots of many of these “traditions” are celebrated differently in the Black home, because of our segregation. The meanings for us have deeper roots that google can’t provide. Not supporting capitalism and ending materialism to enable the growth of our culture, does not come from stopping the spread of love and celebration of our family’s togetherness.

Take the time this season to ask yourself, are there ways I am supporting racism, slave history, unhealthy relationships, and misrepresentations of my people. Why are we so quick to discard without a second thought? Emphasis should always be on giving happiness, joy, peace, and love. While our day to day can consume our minds and actions, take this time to bring to the forefront of your focus: healing, family, unity.




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