2 in 1

There is an emptiness. So many things used to fill the space. Holding on to the false promise that there is something other than what is needed. These pieces that fit the spaces are guised in the shape of peace. This peace presents itself as the overflow to the empty spaces. The guide for the misguided. The love for the unloved. The affirmation from the Africans for the woke. But these pieces of peace must be justified by our carnal nature to appease the appetite of death. 

The two opposing natures becoming one is not a fusion that is meant to mend. These two becoming one magnifies the shortcomings and weaknesses. Oppression to the demons of damnation is the objective. Knowing that every tie made cannot be forsaken. The energy is carried and deposited into another form, or being, but does not release its hold. The hold becomes so strong it has become confused as you. Pieces of wanton peace left for the keeping.  Finding your soul connection brings the cosmos together, allowing for the revelation to bring the revolution of reality. We are not perfect. Finding our wholeness before connections is completion.

Becoming complete is not the external connection rather the internal healing.  Facing the pains of the past. It is not easy to endure the pain. The sources are not readily removed from our lives. Therefore, it is easier to forgo the healing than to initiate all the unresolved feelings to bring an end to our own cycles. Take root in the sorrows, reap the fruit of those seeds. This way you can sew new seeds in the fruit of love and healing. That you may find what your spirit seeks in the seasons ahead. The key for dissemination of new life will come with the restoration of your life. 

The new fight for togetherness is essential in the maintaining of our people. However, this battle will not be won without an understanding and dealing with self. Understanding the transgressions of the past to better direct the future, secures a future that is truly ours. Made in the image of our people. The divine purpose of the people.  Not the manipulations of truth. We the people need to find out truth so that we can form more perfect unions.

Unions that were destined to bring forth life. A marriage that impregnates the womb spilling out life. A life that cannot be contained, instead it is nurtured to do the same. For the unborn generation and for the ancestor’s dead we are urged to move ahead and find the treasures trove. See there is a story that is untold. I’m trying to find me to find you. Focusing on what we were made for will create the culture. Expedite the existence of excellence we were made to execute.  

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