What’s The Use

Use as a noun describes something that is employed for some purpose. Use as a verb describes an action that is done repeatedly or to take hold/deploy something as a means of accomplishing a purpose. The use of an object does not reveal much about its purpose. When looking only at how something is used we can miss the intention and purpose. For example, a chair can be used to sit in or to prop a door open. Both are uses of a chair however only one fits the purpose and intention of the design. The other is merely a happening from convenience. Are we being used from our design or from others convenience? Are we using from design or our own convenience? How have we come to abuse and misuse from use? Men as boys, Women as girls, Children as adults. People as objects devoid of soul. We are all here for a purpose outside ourselves. Our being is not just a haphazard happening. Rather each individual being was designed that it may be used in its divine purpose.

Take what is: people, groups, institutions and not allow them to be contoured as constructs of the system. Make use of what is for the purpose in which it was intended. Take back the intention and design of what it means to be black, woman, conscious, college educated, strong.

Blacks are the powerful ancient thinkers of the pyramids, astrology, math, medicine, navigation and much more. Why we are still USED as slaves. We are still USED and played as niggers. We are still USED as models of violence and ignorance, racism and classism. Our neighborhoods, women, and children USED in the business of taking life rather than sourcing it. Our men USED to alter the image of manhood by degrading theirs.

To be conscious is to know self. Understanding who are YOU. What aligns within YOU. Consciousness has been USED to get the masses to seek facts rather than self. USED to manipulate the meaning of the past. USED to promote the ego and pride. USED to enslave the mind. The conscious already existed so that it could be USED by the being of its possession. USED to manifest healing, synergy, life.

Misusing consciousness is not solely a problem of the mainstream, a college education has many of us twisted. College was designed for USE by white males to achieve “higher learning” i.e. enlightenment. It has been USED as the best “get rich quick scheme” we have fallen for yet. The promise of a better financially stable life. The place where you can achieve your dreams. Take the opportunity to attend an institution to gain knowledge, something that cannot be taken away from you. Learn to THINK and always ask WHY and understand HOW. Knowing that from that does not stem financial stability or dreams becoming reality. Rather you are already equipped for the success destined in your life.

Taking heed and applying each day the proper USE is the first step in ending misuse. Do NOT diminish circumstance to a hashtag #Blacklivesmatter #Metoo.

In the end, what the use?


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