I Would If I Could…

Life is rarely ever static. There is always yin and yang. For black there is white. For man there is woman. Ignoring the duality of life and the natural balance it offers, is to rob ourselves of the fulfillment guaranteed to us. Take off the layers: labels, stereotypes, race, sexuality. Begin this journey without intent. Let what it is flow through you. What is for you will stay with you, always.

It’s A Different World
No longer are we hiding and suppressing who FEEL we are. But who are you? Have you identified with something presented to you? Have you discovered YOUR thoughts? Do know the roots of your desires? What does it mean to love YOU?
Love focuses on encouraging to do what is BEST. The benefit outweighs the sacrifice. The push to accept and indulge in what you like, what is easy, and abandon the idea of limitations. Anything can be yours is the ideology of today. However, are restrictions and boundaries the same as limitations? At the surface these are all the synonymous. You cannot exceed limits. There is nothing in existence beyond. Restrictions are the next step. There is evidence of an existence beyond but it is altered. Boundaries are meant to keep the external from penetrating. Restrictions and boundaries are imposed to protect you: your energy and light. They are unique to the individual. Respecting them and living according will provide clarity and abundance to your life. It looks different for each person. Do not worry yourself on what others can do that you cannot. Understand that because we are not perfect beings, it is easy to get caught up and focus on what is lacking. To look to the next person, see a smile, and assume happiness and fulfillment. To feel the yearning for completion in all forms deeper than all else.
I submit to you:
Focus on the cracks in you. This way the rain that comes in your life during this season will overflow and your bloom season will be bountiful. How can we expect sunshine without rain else we become deserts?


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