There once was a time when THE TRUTH was understood amongst the people. The natural order of nature was followed and everything was in harmony. Now there is no respect for the order or the balance. We have strayed so far from love, the core.

I find myself questioning: Do men respect women at all? Why should the respectability of a women be earned rather than given freely? Does it really matter if she’s fully clothed or naked? Why is racism in existence? How have we learned to hate so easily against our nature? The essences of love is respect. Love is not conditional nor is it created or destroyed.  Love is conserved.

In the age of information, it is disheartening to find so many people identify with manipulations of the truth. I often see regurgitation of facts and opinions. I see no self-love, self-awareness, or genuine wisdom. We are being led astray about so many aspects of life. What does it mean? Where does it come from? What is the purpose? “If you don’t know the purpose of a thing you will abuse it.” And we are abusing ourselves and consequently each other. We are all one. An injustice to one is a DIRECT injustice to US ALL. Represented is our own children, family, ourselves

Learning that when we are disrespecting, degrading, and defiling women, men, races/ethnic groups we are doing so to our own being.


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