Pursuit of Happiness

Ever think to yourself “There has to be more to my life than this.” Well there is. Those fleeting thoughts and bright ideas that sneak into your idle mind are the parts of your soul speaking to you. If only you would listen and learn to be guided by that voice. There is a cost to freedom, peace, and joy: your old life, the old you. It is too easy to get caught up, especially in the life of others. Unsubscribe to society. Surround yourself with people who are the person you are aspiring to become. Fortify your social media with images and messages that uplift, support, and represent what you want in your life.

To all my Black Queens, learning to fully love yourself and accept ALL that you are will unlock your black girl magic! We are not all meant to be or look like what we are feed on mass media. There are so many different flavors of a black girl it’s difficult to just think of ourselves as one thing. Being a woman is a multifaceted experience BUT being a black woman can be accurately described as magic.

Struggles I’ve Overcome

I have made plenty of choices that have taken me off my path. I can look back on my past years and remember moments “Who was I?” “Why did I give into that?” “How could I have been so stupid, so weak?” I step off the throne of judgment because IT HAS BEEN ME. I speak from a place of understanding and enlightenment. Every shortcoming, heartbreak, and breakdown made me. It is not easy growing into your own. Challenging what you have always believed as truth to find lies. Getting through those growing pains is essential in making the transition. Making my dreams a reality has always been a priority. I never wanted to escape my life, rest in my dreams, and accept the empty promises of better days. Realizing I could, and I would, have everything I wanted shifted my experiences in life. A change in mindset will manifest dreams into reality. Who you are is not who you shall be.

There are people who have known you for this season of your life who will not accept the change, prevent the change, or be a part of the change. Keep moving forward. The days ahead are better than the days you are leaving behind.

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